Python script for monitoring the Brandmeister network and sending push notifications
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#!/usr/bin/env python
from socketIO_client import SocketIO
import json
import datetime as dt
import time
import config as cfg
import http.client, urllib
# libraries only needed if Telegram is configured in
if cfg.telegram:
import telebot
from telethon.sync import TelegramClient
from import InputPeerUser, InputPeerChannel
from telethon import TelegramClient, sync, events
# libraries only needed if dapnet is configured in
if cfg.dapnet:
import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
last_TG_activity = {}
last_OM_activity = {}
def on_connect():
print('Connecting to the Brandmeister API')
def on_disconnect():
def on_reconnect():
# Send push notification via Pushover. Disabled if not configured in
def push_pushover(msg):
conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("")
conn.request("POST", "/1/messages.json",
"token": cfg.pushover_token,
"user": cfg.pushover_user,
"message": msg,
}), { "Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" })
# Send push notification via Telegram. Disabled if not configured in
def push_telegram(msg):
client = TelegramClient('bm_bot', cfg.telegram_api_id, cfg.telegram_api_hash)
if not client.is_user_authorized():
client.sign_in(, input('Please enter the code which has been sent to your phone: '))
receiver = InputPeerUser('user_id', 'user_hash')
client.send_message(cfg.telegram_username, msg)
except Exception as e:
# send pager notification via DAPNET. Disabled if not configured in
def push_dapnet(msg):
dapnet_json = json.dumps({"text": msg, "callSignNames": cfg.dapnet_callsigns, "transmitterGroupNames": [cfg.dapnet_txgroup], "emergency": True})
response =, data=dapnet_json, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(cfg.dapnet_user,cfg.dapnet_pass))
# assemble the text message
def construct_message(c):
tg = c["DestinationID"]
out = ""
duration = c["Stop"] - c["Start"]
# convert unix time stamp to human readable format
time = dt.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(c["Start"]).strftime("%Y/%m/%d %H:%M")
# construct text message from various transmission properties
out += c["SourceCall"] + ' (' + c["SourceName"] + ') was active on '
out += str(tg) + ' (' + c["DestinationName"] + ') at '
out += time + ' (' + str(duration) + ' seconds)'
# finally return the text message
return out
# where the magic happens
def on_mqtt(*args):
# get json data of transmission
call = json.loads(args[0]['payload'])
tg = call["DestinationID"]
callsign = call["SourceCall"]
start_time = call["Start"]
stop_time = call["Stop"]
notify = False
now = int(time.time())
# check if callsign is monitored, the transmission has already been finished
# and the person was inactive for n seconds
if callsign in cfg.callsigns:
if callsign not in last_OM_activity:
last_OM_activity[callsign] = 9999999
inactivity = now - last_OM_activity[callsign]
if callsign not in last_OM_activity or inactivity >= cfg.min_silence:
# If the activity has happened in a monitored TG, remember the transmission start time stamp
if tg in cfg.talkgroups and stop_time > 0:
last_TG_activity[tg] = now
# remember the transmission time stamp of this particular DMR user
last_OM_activity[callsign] = now
notify = True
# Continue if the talkgroup is monitored, the transmission has been
# finished and there was no activity during the last n seconds in this talkgroup
elif tg in cfg.talkgroups and stop_time > 0:# and callsign not in cfg.noisy_calls:
if tg not in last_TG_activity:
last_TG_activity[tg] = 9999999
inactivity = now - last_TG_activity[tg]
# calculate duration of key down
duration = stop_time - start_time
# only proceed if the key down has been long enough
if duration >= cfg.min_duration:
if tg not in last_TG_activity or inactivity >= cfg.min_silence:
notify = True
elif cfg.verbose:
print("ignored activity in TG " + str(tg) + " from " + callsign + ": last action " + str(inactivity) + " seconds ago.")
last_TG_activity[tg] = now
if cfg.verbose and callsign in cfg.noisy_calls:
print("ignored noisy ham " + callsign)
# finally write the message to the console and send a push notification
if notify:
msg = construct_message(call)
if cfg.pushover:
if cfg.telegram:
if cfg.dapnet:
socket = SocketIO('')
socket.on('connect', on_connect)
socket.on('disconnect', on_disconnect)
socket.on('reconnect', on_reconnect)
socket.on('mqtt', on_mqtt)