Python script for monitoring the Brandmeister network and sending push notifications
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Monitors a defined set of Brandmeister talkgroups and callsigns for activity. It then sends push notifications via the following services for any transmission in / of the monitored talk groups / call signs:

In order to prevent message flooding, the script only notifes you again after 300 (configurable) seconds of silence in a TG or from a monitored call sign.


Inspired by


  • Python 3
  • socketIO-client (install with sudo pip3 install socketIO-client)

If you want to be notified via Telegram, the following libraries need to be installed:

  • telebot (install with sudo pip3 install telebot)
  • telethon (install with sudo pip3 install telethon)


Configure to your needs. If you don't want push notifications, set the corresponding variables to False.


# python3

You might want to use a terminal multiplexer like screen or tmux to keep pyBMNotify running when you close the terminal.