Nmap NSE script for writing the scan output into a sqlite3 database
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description = [[
This script stores the following nmap output into a sqlite3 database: Hostname, IP, port number, protocol (tcp/udp), service and version
Both, database file name and table name can be passed to the script via arguments (see @args or @example), data will always be appended to an existing table. Non-existant database files or table
s are created during the scan. Nmap's regular output (-o) will not be modified in any way.
Dependencies: luasql (http://keplerproject.org/luasql)
-- @usage
-- nmap --script sqlite-output <target>
-- @example
-- $ nmap -sS -A -F --script sqlite-output --script-args=dbname=scan.sqlite,dbtable=scandata scanme.nmap.org
-- $ sqlite3 can.sqlite
-- sqlite> select * from scandata;
-- scanme.nmap.org||22|tcp|ssh|OpenSSH5.3p1 Debian 3ubuntu7.1
-- scanme.nmap.org||80|tcp|http|Apache httpd2.2.14
-- @args
-- dbname: name of sqlite database file (default: scan.sqlite)
-- dbtable: name of database table in which the output will be written (default: scandata)
author = "Michael Clemens"
license = "Same as Nmap--See http://nmap.org/book/man-legal.html"
categories = {"external", "safe"}
local luasql = require "luasql.sqlite3"
local nmap = require "nmap"
portrule = function () return true end
postrule = function () return true end
if (nmap.registry.args.dbname~=nil) then
dbname = nmap.registry.args.dbname
dbname = "scan.sqlite"
if (nmap.registry.args.dbtable~=nil) then
dbtable = nmap.registry.args.dbtable
dbtable = "scandata"
env = luasql.sqlite3()
con = env:connect(dbname)
res = con:execute (string.format("CREATE TABLE '%s' (hostname varchar(100), ip varchar(16), port integer(5), protocol varchar(3), state varchar(20), service varchar(100), version varchar(100))", con:escape(dbtable)))
function portaction (host, port)
local version = ""
if (port.version.product~=nil) then
version = port.version.product
if (port.version.version~=nil) then
version = version .. port.version.version
res = con:execute(string.format("INSERT INTO '%s' VALUES ('%s', '%s', '%s', '%s', '%s', '%s', '%s')" , con:escape(dbtable), con:escape(host.name), con:escape(host.ip), con:escape(port.number), con:escape(port.protocol), con:escape(port.state), con:escape(port.service), con:escape(version)))
function postaction ()
local ActionsTable = {
portrule = portaction,
postrule = postaction
-- execute the action function corresponding to the current rule
action = function(...) return ActionsTable[SCRIPT_TYPE](...) end