A remote control appclication for the Hardrock-50 for use with the HR50-API
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Hardrock-50 Tk Remote Control

The Hardrock-50 is a 50W power amplifier for amateur radio QRP transceivers. It has a display showing valuable information like the selected band, the SWR, power, temperature etc. Since I am using the HR50 in a remote station, I cannot directly access those information via the display.

However, the HR50 offers serial communication via a USB port. This project tries to solve this problem with the help of a separate, wifi enabled hardware display. It consists of the following two components:

  • Windows/Mac/Linux Tk GUI application for remote control
  • a python flask application, which represents the communication via the serial interface in the form of an API

This diagram shows which components are required and how the communicate:

This is how the software looks like in action:

Photo of the Heltec board




Edit the following lines inside the Arduino sketch:

api_baseurl = "http://<ENTER_HERE_THE_IP_OF_YOUR API_SERVER>:5000/";